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    Owning a hotel has made me constantly research around mattresses, often tourists need the perfect combination of comfort and resilience. I risked my option with FR Puff by uniluxx and truly regard it as one of my best business decision. The fire resistant formulae is as unique as the hospitality we cater to.

    Anik Ghosh

    I use U-Comfort by unilxx, a perfect match for my bedroom. Comfortable sleep is a compulsion one cannot avoid and I am happy with the quality they provide.

    Ayushi Agarwal

    Lavissho is the mattress i use from uniluxx. It was a natural pick on experiencing the magic the mattress had to offer. With sound sleeps and vivid dreams I find the best investment in life is that of a mattress.

    Sujoy Deb

    Sleep has always been an issue since adulthood, in the lookout for a permanent solution I chose Uniluxx mattress and in a span of few weeks my body felt rejuvenated every morning. I understood the basics of sleep with my new Organixx by Uniluxx with its organic fiber which suits my Premium requirements and the affordable price which ensures a sound sleep.

    Ankit Goenka

    After finding no cure for my back ache, my doctor suggested me orthopaedic mattresses, Orthomaxx by uniluxx has been a healing mantra for me by providing the comfort i needed. It has been over 3 years, the durability is unquestionable.

    Anupama Sherpa